• from: github.com/schloerke/leaflet-providers@urlProtocol

  • Inspiration taken from https://github.com/leaflet-extras/leaflet-providers/commit/dea786a3219f9cc824b8e96903a17f46ca9a5afc to use the ‘old’ relative url protocols and to ‘upgrade’ them at js runtime.


  • Copy/paste provider information into providers.json
var providers = L.TileLayer.Provider.providers;
JSON.stringify(providers, null, "  ");
  • ./data-raw/providerNames.R was re-ran to update to the latest providers

  • Some providers had their protocols turned into ‘//’.

    • This allows browsers to pick the protocol
    • To stop files from the protocols staying as files, a ducktape patch was applied to L.TileLayer.prototype.initialize and L.TileLayer.WMS.prototype.initialize